Jason Stanze

jason-stanze-bigTitle: Owner/ Instructor/ Trainer

Number of years training experience: 20+ years of experience with police and military working dogs.

Quote about favorite part of the job: “Its all about the dogs; NOT the Benjamins!


  • Assigned as VLK Canine Procurement Trainer in 2010. One of two trainers responsible for the testing and selection of 1500+ canines per year for United States canine training companies and other foreign agencies.
  • Simultaneously executing and maintaining contracts requesting odor imprinted, class ready K9s. One of two trainers imprinting 80- 100 canines a month on odor or patrol work 2010- 2013.
  • Completed VLK Trainer’s Course December 2000
  • Guest instructor Los Angeles County Police Canine Association (LACPCA) Seminar 2005, 2006, 2007
  • Instrumental in the early development of the course curriculum and training of multiple special force units. Lead instructor personally shaping, instructing and certifying numerous handlers and canines for combat readiness.
  • Called upon to assist as subject matter expert for multiple classified missions and research and development of canine nose work/ detection.
  • AWD Certifying Official 2004- 2012

Email: jason@houstonk9academy.com

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