How We Train

Commitment to Our Clients

We are dedicated to serving the needs of all law enforcement, military and security agencies in the United States as well as internationally. We vow to provide the healthiest, most highly trained canines in the industry. Furthermore, educating handlers to be the best they can be to face ever changing scenarios they encounter in the real world. We do not provide this training to just anyone. Our training is only offered to: active law enforcement, active military or licensed private security.


We are highly experienced in canine selection/testing through numerous years of providing premier dogs to Military, Law Enforcement, and high end Security Agencies all over the world. All our Houston K9 Academy canines are imported from Europe and trained at our Houston facility. The Houston K9 Academy staff pre-select all canines and utilize 55 years combined training experience in testing, selecting, imprinting, and importing European dogs. Both Jason and Jaz have had the privilege of living in Europe for 4 years and handpicking the best of the best for their USA clients. Each client can expect to select their new police working canine from a group of social and highly driven canines. We select and train many different breeds and sizes to meet the needs of any department or agency.


Imprinting is the action of teaching the canines to recognize a specific type of odor (narcotic, explosive, cadaver, accelerant and/or gun) for a primary award. We use our own hybrid of european and american imprinting methodology that yields unmatched results.

GUARANTEE – All of our dogs are escorted to the USA after receiving a complete health exam overseen by Jason or Jaz.  We will always help the veterinarian make x-rays (hips, elbows and lumbar spine), and ensure all vaccinations are given. We have a one (1) year health guarantee and a six (6) month workability guarantee. We will also offer a six (6) month compatibility guarantee to ensure the canine teams integrate well.  Two (2) year health guarantee provided for K9 teams that attend HK9A handler course.

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority!